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Our Director

Chief Engineer/Director of Horsham Aviation Services, Tony Brand, was introduced as a child to light aircraft in the mid sixties and aircraft have been a predominant part of his life ever since.

He learnt to fly in 1978 and started his Aviation Maintenance career in early 1979 as an apprentice with the Australian - Victorian Cessna aircraft dealer "Schutt Aviation" situated at Moorabbin Airport.

Schutts were selling about four new aircraft each week and had a sales yard of about thirty aircraft. Their flying school and charter division consisted of about twenty mainly Cessna type aircraft. They also had a large number of regular maintenance type customers. Schutts was a very busy maintenance facility, which had its own Engine, Radio and Electrical Shops.

In 1989 Tony started his own maintenance facility, Horsham Aviation Services, in his home town of Horsham in Victoria, which is situated about half way between Melbourne and Adelaide (southern part of Australia).

Company History

Horsham Aviation Services specialises in general aviation and recreational aircraft maintenance and is currently responsible for the maintenance of more than 180 aircraft.

During his career as a General Aviation Maintenance Engineer Tony has identified several ongoing problems and situations which can lead to major expense, resulting in the development of several Supplementary Type Certificates (S.T.C.'s). In addition to aircraft servicing and maintenance, Horsham Aviation Services (through Airugo Mods & Pro) now offers several S.T.C. approved modifications and Engineering Instructions that are simple to install and can save aircraft owners and operators the expense from some common potential problems and others that make life easier with substantial savings in labour time.

Airugo Mods & Pro was formed in 2006 as Tony expanded his interests to importing Light Sport Aircraft, and will also take over the marketing of the STC's Tony has developed.