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Dynon Avionics:
D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS

Dynon D1 side panel mounted       Phone image

The Dynon D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS is a true artificial horizon instrument based on the same technology that drives Dynon's Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS).  It is a dedicated avionics instrument with real AHRS designed and calibrated for in-cockpit use

D2 Pocket Panel - Portable EFIS with WiFi and G-Meter

Note: the Dynon Avionics D2 Pocket Panel is a portable attitude indicator and not TSO′d

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Dynon D2 Pocket Panel


  • No Installation costs
  • Proven Dynon MEMS-based attitude sensors - won't drift
  • Can be turned on in-flight
  • Accurate pitch & roll - a true artificial horizon
  • GPS ground speed and track
  • GPS altitude and vertical speed
  • Turn rate
  • Slip/skid ball
  • Internal Li-Ion battery &GPS for hours of use (typically over 4 hours)
  • DC vehicle adaptor
  • Dimmable screen for night flight
Dynon D1 Pocket Panel
  • Wi-Fi tablet connectivity
  • Sends data for display on iPads, smart phones, and tablet aviation applications
  • Sends attitude, slip/skid ball, Gs, GPS ground speed, GPS track, GPS altitude, turn rate (note, not all tablet applications use all the data)
  • Compatible applications include WingX Pro7, AOPA FlyQ, BendixKing myWingMan, iHUD Remote, and Air Navigation Pro.
  • G—Meter
  • Second page displays current load factor
  • Records minimum and maximum Gs since last pilot reset
Dynon D1 Pocket Panel Top Mounted

Items supplied with the D2 include:

  • D2 Pocket Panel
  • AC Wall Charger
  • DC Vehicle Charger (cigarette lighter)
  • Mounting Cradles (two included)
  • RAM Portable Suction Cup Mount
  • Portable Pinch Mount for Standard 3 1/8" Instrument Hole
  • External GPS Antenna
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