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Dynon Avionics FlightDEK-D180 Unit:
EFIS & EMS Combined in a 7" Screen

Note: only the Dynon SkyView Transponder is TSO′d, none of the other Dynon Equipment is TSO′d so they can only be installed in certified aircraft (VH) as supplementary equipment (with the exception of the experimental category) and any installation in a certified aircraft requires a CAR21M approval

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Dynon Avionic's FlightDEK-D180 combines all EFIS and EMS functions into a single unit. This 7" screen instrument seamlessly blends both functions through intelligent use of graphics and its user-configured split-screen technology. When looking to save money, panel space and weight there's simply no better buy than Dynon Avionic's FlightDEK-D180.



  • Solid State Sensors
  • PC-Serial interface to enable uploading up to 25 user-defined lists for use as checklists (or any other information). The PC interface additionally facilitates downloading:
  • Lifetime free program updates from Dynon's website.
  • Supports many engine types, including Continental, Lycoming, Rotax & Jabiru
  • Configurable Audible Alarms
  • Checklists
  • Fuel Endurance information can be obtained from a compatible GPS unit through a uni-directional serial port
  • Multi-Page Display
Instruments incorporate all features ofEFIS and EMS 7" instruments

Items supplied with each FlightDEK-D180 include:

  • FlightDEK-D180 Instrument
  • Mounting Tray
  • Remote Compass
  • USB-Serial Converter for connection to USB equipped PCs
  • Installation Guide
  • Pilot User Manual
  • Angle of Attack/Pitot
  • Li-Ion Backup Battery
  • Engine Probes/ Packages
  • Altitude Encoder Converter
  • OAT for dynamic TAS & DA
  • Primary Instrument Wiring Harness
  • Super-bright screen
  • HS34 HSI Expansion ModuleAngle of Attack/Pitot
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