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Dynon Avionics:
SkyView System
Next Generation Glass Panel

Available in 10" and 7" screens
And now – The Flagship SkyView HDX System

Note: only the Dynon SkyView Transponder is TSO´d, none of the other Dynon Equipment is TSO´d so they can only be installed in certified aircraft (VH) as supplementary equipment (with the exception of the experimental category) and any installation in a certified aircraft requires a CAR21M approval

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SkyView HDX Angle Display SkyView HDX Dual Display
SkyView HDX with Video Input SkyVew HDX
SkyView showing EMS & EFIS SkyView showing EMS & GPS
SkyView Screen Display SkyVew Touch with six pack
SkyView Screen shots
SkyView screen with 3 way split


  • Upgraded Touch Interface
  • GPS Navigation
  • Synthetic Vision
  • 2–Axis Autopilot
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Worldwide Navigation Data
  • Mode–S Transponder
  • Lifetime free program updates from Dynon′s website
SkyView showing all EMS information
  • Pilot–Designed Interfaces
  • High Resolution Terrain
  • Fully redundant networks & systems
  • Incredibly bright screens
  • Unbeatable Future Upgradability
  • Split Screens
  • ARINC–429
More Detailed Information on Features ...
(Link to Dynon Avionics′ SkyView Feature pages)
SkyView showing GPS & EMS

Items supplied with SkyView include:

  • SkyView 7" or 10" screen
  • Wiring harness
  • SkyView Installation Guide
  • SkyView Pilot′s User Guide


  • ADAHRS - First (Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System)
  • Network Cable (10' recommended)

The SkyView ADAHRS module uses MEMS sensor technology to accurately measure inertial, magnetic and air data to drive the Artificial Horizon/Synthetic Vision, Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Slip, Turn Rate, Angle of Attack, and Gyro–Stabilised Heading. Additionally, the SV–OAT–340 Outside Air Temperature Sensor is included with each SV–ADAHRS–200/201

SkyView showing all GPS screen


  • Second Screen (Requires 3' Network Cable & Ethernet Cable)
  • Backup Battery
  • Additional ADAHRS (Requires Network Splitter)
  • GPS Receiver
  • ARINC–429 (Requires Network Splitter & 6' Network Cable)
  • Mode–S Transponder
  • Mapping Software (Requires Jeppesen or PocketFMS database)
  • Engine Monitoring System (Requires probe kit & 6' Network Cable)
  • Fuel Flow
  • Angle of Attack/Pitot
  • 2–Axis Autopilot (Requires 2 Network Splitters, 2 Network Servo Cable Kits & 6' Network Cable
Note: the network cables etc listed above are recommendations from Dynon and your actual installation may have different requirements from those listed
SkyView EFIS & GPS screen SkyView EFIS & EMS screen

SkyView System Architecture

SkyView Network Schematic

More Information ... (Link to Dynon Avionics′ SkyView pages)