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Flush Type Engine Oil Quick Drain Valve installation

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H.A.S. S.T.C. No. ASA038ML (AU S.T.C only is available) applicable to all Cessna 210J, K, L, M, N, R, T210L, T210M, T210N and P210N aircraft.

Drain Parts Drain
Cessna 210 Oil Drain Valve Mod kit includes S.T.C., Engineering Order (paper work package) and drain valve with hose. Australian customers $AU400 + $25 Post & Packaging, plus GST. International customers $US400 + $AU70 Post & Packaging. (USD/AUD exchange rate used is the rate advertised by Westpac Bank)

Frequent engine oil changes certainly pay more dividends than one can initially imagine. Unlike automotive engines our aviation air-cooled piston engines have to run relatively large working clearances in the piston ring department, which leads to notably more piston/ring blow by.

By products of combustion are water (moisture) and acids which contaminate the engine's oil and cause corrosion to form on internal components. Corrosion pitts are stress raisers which can cause cracks to develop and in some components such as impulse couplings, notable advanced wear is caused by the iron oxide (rusty) abrasive paste that forms on and wears out the paul pivots. The engine manufacturers have strict corrosion inspection criteria come engine overhaul time. Replacement gears, cam and crank shafts are very expensive and can significantly increase an engine overhaul bill.

Piston ring blow by also causes the oil to dilute by about 8 to 12% after approximately 30 hours of operation. This is why the consumption rate increases toward the 30 hour interval mark. The quality of lubrication also deteriorates in line with the increase in dilution.

If changing the engine oil in an engine can be made easy it is more likely that it will, and can, be done on time and even more regularly such as 4 monthly, 25 or 33 hour intervals.

Our flush type oil drain valve installation modification uses a tested and proven oil drain valve and makes changing the engine oil in the later Cessna 210 series aircraft very easy (no more lockwiring, spilt oil or skin off the head parts when working through the nose gear door area).

Instead of reinstalling the oil drain plug you could install our drain valve modification and not have to go through that routine (drain plug removal and reinstallation) procedure again. Our drain hose assemble simply offers up into an installed drain valve and is held there with positive friction. The action of inserting the drain hose assembly opens the valve, which is spring loaded to the closed position. It is even easier to use than the more conventional type drain valves that need to have a hose attached to them first. This modification is a real time saver and promotes added safety and good maintenance practices which certainly assists in getting an engine to its manufacturers published T.B.O.